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Businesswoman Bookworm Explorer

Zahra Khan is the founder of ‘Belles & Books’, an Insta blog dedicated to her love of literature, travel, and style. A bit of a romantic, Zahra is a fun-loving and ambitious woman and full-time marketer who started Belles & Books as a home for the many amazing books and travel experiences she’s had the privilege of encountering. Now, she brings lit and life together, linking the beauty of the two in context—because books are essentially life documents of the human journey. Her blog posts and Instagram posts share tidbits of history and literature for her many adventures, near and far. She has visited destinations around the world including Jerusalem, Kotor, Paris, Karachi, as well as some closer to home, like Cleveland, NYC, and Chicago. She aims to inspire fellow ‘Belles’ to pursue their travel dreams by viewing it through a unique lens.