The Girl On The Train

Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train is as eerie and unsettling as the blackouts we experience with Rachel, the main character. Hawkins’ novel plays with unreliable narratives, shifting POVs, and time skips to amplify the book’s building suspense. A true crime novel has a red herring or two and The Girl on the Train has several.

I wasn’t a huge fan of how Rachel would often describe events in the passive tense. Granted, it was a clever little way to express Rachel’s passivity and sadly pathetic state–i just didn’t love reading it all the time. Especially when it popped up in stressful, action-packed moments of the novel.

Like Red Queen I didn’t see the ending coming. Unlike Red Queen I was pleasantly surprised after the reveal. The clues were all there but carefully couched in trivial details, unsuspecting, waiting to come to the forefront like those optical illusions where the image is revealed only after you’re told what you should be seeing.

And the very last few pages of the book…HAUNTING.

I’d give it a solid 4 stars. Gone Girl was better. 😉

A Study in Hues

My latest photo shoot was a makeup one. A budding bridal makeup artist wanted to see how her art looks in photos so she hired Beenaz Photography for the shoot. Beena, whom I worked with on the Miss Lavalier shoot (see here), was kind enough to recommend me.

A bridal look isn’t just makeup though; the stylist provided all the jewelry for both looks as well.  I’ve gotten my makeup done for my sisters’ weddings so I know that it takes a while and you have to be still, but I’d never been in the position of the BRIDE. Makeup can take ages for them! I never realized! Also, setting spray is a life saver, especially in the heat. I’ll have to invest in some for my next shoot.

Beena also had a serious conversation with me on posing for shots. We decided that it was time for me to take the wheel with modeling. She encouraged me to begin working on poses and coming up with some of my own. I’ve got a few in my back pocket now, Beena!

So back to the shoot. I loved how the skin glows in these photos. What do you think, readers? I’ll be sure to send back any feedback to the artist! 🙂

Makeup by Sidra